Episode 9 (Summer 2017)

We’re finally back! After a long summer apart while Jay was home in Atlanta for the summer, followed by a week of all sorts of technical difficulties and snags, we finally bring you Episode 9. Essentially a recap of all the fun times we’ve had over the summer, we swap stories of the shows we’ve […]


Episode 7 (Abuse of Power)

Thanks for the wait while we figured out our lives… We’re back this week to talk about Abuse of Power’s new EP, When Then Becomes Now. We also discuss some of the ways that music has influenced us, like work, school, and our personal lives.

Episode 5 (Down in Terror/Video Games)

In the new episode, we review Down in Terror’s new EP, Bad Honor. During part two we talk about the role video games played in us discovering music. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Episode 4 (Through N Through)

One of our favorite bands released a new EP, so we decided to talk about it! We review Give Me Hate by Through N Through. In the second segment, we try to define what hardcore is and talk about what hardcore means to us.


Episode 3 (Warped Tour & TIHC Fest)

We sit down with our friends Niko and Logan to discuss the lineups of the Vans Warped Tour and This is Hardcore festivals happening this summer.


Episode 2 (Erik from Habitats)

We talk with Erik, the vocalist of the band, Habitats, to discuss his musical journey, the roots of the band, and his opinions on the Chicago music scene. In the second half, we discuss some of the venues around Chicago.


Episode 1 (Pilot)

We sit down with our friend Niko and introduce the podcast, discuss how we got into music, and talk about Expire’s farewell weekend.