Episode 10 (Riot Fest)

After a few weeks of adjusting to going back to school and whatnot, we’re finally back with our belated discussion on Riot Fest 2017. Ted and Jay talk about their favorite experiences and sets throughout the festival weekend, as well as plenty of other awesome things that happened during the weekend. Listen to this week’s […]

Episode 9 (Summer 2017)

We’re finally back! After a long summer apart while Jay was home in Atlanta for the summer, followed by a week of all sorts of technical difficulties and snags, we finally bring you Episode 9. Essentially a recap of all the fun times we’ve had over the summer, we swap stories of the shows we’ve […]

Episode 8 (Pay to Cum LP Review)

We’re finally back after quite a long vacation, as Jay and Ted get back into discussing local music. This week they talk about Pay to Cum’s recently released LP Band in Atlanta, along with a healthy dose of goofy nonsense (like usual). Check out Pay to Cum’s album, as well as their other releases, here. […]